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Create Newsletters with Newsletter Studio

Discover email marketing and the power of Internet. Using Newsletter Studio, it's easy to create and send newsletters.

Create your custom design or start from a concept template

With Newsletter Studio you have creative freedom without programming. Start from scratch and create your custom design or use one of the many professionally designed concept templates and apply your own unique profile.


Start from a concept template

Start from a concept template and get an initial design for your newsletter. The concept templates have been produced by professional designers and are easy to adapt to your liking. All concept templates have undergone rigorous quality testing to ensure compatibility with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo.




Visual Editing

No programming skills are required for creating and sending newsletters using Newsletter Studio. The program is a first-class editing tool which shows the actual appearence of the newsletter on the screen. Newsletter Studio generates perfect code, guaranteeing that your newsletter will be displayed perfectly independent of mail client.


Copy & Paste

You can easily copy text and images to Newsletter Studio from other programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, web pages, screenshots etc.



Using styles makes it easy to maintain a consistent design throughout the newsletter. Instead of setting the appearance of each paragraph, you can define a style. If you change the settings for the style, the design of text using that style will follow.


Image Effects and Text Effects

Using Newsletter Studio you can easily change images and texts, but also create new image effects and text effects. Using the built-in preview you will always have full control of your changes.


Smart Links

Navigation from a newsletter is done using links. A link can be applied on a text or an image and allows the recipient to click on it to navigate to the target of the link.


Social Integration

Using Newsletter Studio it is easy to integrate your newsletters with social media. Link images and text directly to your Facebook profile or other other social networks.


Importing Images

Newsletter Studio makes it easy to import your digital images regardless of quantity and size. You can import multiple images at once and resize them when importing. The dimensions selected will be used by Newsletter Studio to automatically rezise them as needed. Resizing of images is always proportionate, thereby ensuring that the ratio of width to height remains the same.


Color Management

The Color Palette in Newsletter Studio is used to manage the colors in your newsletter. Instead of manually setting the correct color for each element, you define a color palette. If you change the color in the palette, all places that refer to that color will be changed. Another useful tool is the Color Picker that allows you to select any color you want from your screen. This tool makes it easy to identify the exact color value of a pixel, when you don't know the exact color code.


Personal fields

Give your customers a positive and lasting impression with a personalized newsletter. Using fields allows you to make each mail unique. For example if you insert the field "First Name", the program will automatically replace it with the recipient's first name as entered in the recipient list.


Spam Check

To protect from spam (junk email), most mail servers have spam filters that try to filter out spam emails. Before sending out a newsletter, the Spam Check function in Newsletter Studio analyzes the contents with purpose of reducing the risk of the newsletter mistakenly being classified as spam. Newsletter Studio Spam Check reviews the content of your newsletter using "content screening", which means that the textual contents of your newsletter is controlled and compared against good and bad (spam) emails. The content is then weighted and an indication of the risk for being classified as spam is presented. There are no guarantees that your newsletter will not be classified as spam, but using Newsletter Studio, the risk is greatly reduced.